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Seaweed News – August 2016

Seaweed News – August 2016

Hi all,
Its been a while since our last Seaweed Newsletter and that’s because I have been busy harvesting our seaweeds, trying to gather in as much stocks for another Winter.
Last week, I received an email from Biology Professor, Dr. Kevin Curran, from the University of San Diego. He was telling me about his fantastic page on Dulse – a red seaweed – so please check it out

The cultural history and health benefits of eating dulse.

Seaweed and its uses seem to be in the News and making the headlines a lot recently, from as a flour substitute in pizza bases to meat replacement in burgers! Even famous Chefs have cottoned on to the health benefits of seaweeds, and the array of vitamins and minerals that seaweeds contain.
In fact, I have received a lot of enquiries, about seaweed and as a food additive this seaweed season, so keep an eye on our site for some exciting products coming soon.
Here’s some interesting seaweed related links
Hotdog / Hamburger Meat replacement
Foods and how we see them
The start of the Seaweed Seasons seems so long ago and I have realised that I hadn’t shared the seaweed season launch photos – that day seemed to be as dark and horrible as today, in fact most of our summer here has been warm with rain! (and lots of it!)

2016 Boat Launch
2016 Boat Launch

Seaweed season begins
Seaweed Season begins

The Portaferry Ferry coming into Strangford, Co Down
The Portaferry Ferry coming into Strangford, Co Down

On a lighter note – I got a picture message from a friend recently. He was sitting in a bar / pub and told me he was thinking of me, eating our Dulse Seaweed! Our Dulse seaweed was on sale there –  I only wish I was there with him ;0)
Dulse - being eaten in a bar / pub
Dulse – being eaten in a bar / pub

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